Mission Possible: Happy 88

Dr. Marissa's Mission is to help 8 million people get to 88% Happy in the next 8 years!! 

"...You can be ANYTHING you put your heart and mind to!”

So are you 88% Happy? Or do you have a terminal case of the "I'll be Happy Whens...?"

I'll be happy when...
I finish school
I get that job
I get that promotion
I get married
I get that divorce
I get the house
I sell the house
I have kids
The kids are in college
The kids finish college
The kids get a good job
The kids move out...again!
I get that car
I sell the lemon
I make 5 figures
I make 6 figures
I figure out how many figures I need!!!

You get the drift...and if you're a recovering perfectionist like me, or if you've heard me speak on stage, that WHEN never seems to come because there's always something more to do or have or be...and bottom line, IT'S NEVER ENOUGH and so you are DOOMED to wait for Happiness. No wonder you think it's fleeting. But it doesn't have to be!!

YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW, IN THIS BREATH! Take a bite of my Gratitude Sandwich...can you say out loud, 8 people places or things that you appreciate right now? If you can't, stand up and move to a different spot in the building...now try again. Or, try putting on my Pollyanna glasses and say, what would Dr. Marissa be grateful for in this situation? I promise if you start every day with 8 gratitudes about who and what you enjoy in your life, and it can be as simple as being able to see flowers, or listen to music, or that the planets didn't crash into each other as you slept...that's good enough.  Then, at the end of the day, instead of thinking about all the things you didn't get done, or didn't do perfectly, or the person that insulted you and how you are going to get revenge tomorrow...I want you to find 8 specific things that you appreciate about yourself...that you are a problem-solver, a thinker, helpful, caring, loving, smart, kinda cute, creative, determined, humble...you know, all the nice compliments that you get that you don't let yourself believe!! Well the buck starts right...over...here!  Just try it...and if you'd like a little support from me...go to the Book Me Dano tab and schedule a free Happiness Discovery Call with me and let's get started...cuz I'm on a Mission!!!

And you're not alone...I try to splatter more Hope and Happiness wherever I go!  One of my favorite stops on my Joyride of Life is interacting with kids all over the Planet, looking them in the eye and saying “You know you can be ANYTHING you put your heart and mind to!”

Whenever and wherever I travel, I have my clients sponsor a side trip to non-profit organizations who couldn’t normally afford a professional speaker/consultant/teacher where I am privileged to give back.  Here are a few of my stops over the last decade.  All of the proceeds from my Balance Marketplace products go towards these trips so shea shea for your support!

Self Help

Buy 8 Ways to Happiness and do the exercises...and I promise you, you will never hate yourself the same way again!



Small Group Support Online with Dr. Marissa where individuals can work through "opportunities for improvement" together 


Private Coaching

 One-on-one coaching support as Dr. Marissa holds a flashlight to go into that black hole and clean out the BS Belief Systems that are keeping you Unhappy, and then use that shitake as  fertilizer! 


Package Deal

A Combination of small group, private and a retreat on the beach for Happy88 graduates. This program is ideal for those who want to get PowerChi certified.





HERE are a few of my Mission Happy88 International STOPS


Tim Hanlon

EVP Wells Fargo

Dolby Theater Hollywood

I asked her to speak to my entire group at our annual meeting and I have to say she was the highlight of a 3 day meeting. Clear, focused, and energetic, she left a big impact on the group, an impact folks still talk about often. I've referred people to Marissa when they've asked about speakers for events and never hesitate to give a glowing recommendation. Marissa's a terrific speaker who's carved out a very successful niche in an incredibly competitive speaking market.  

T. Harrell

GCCCD Leadership Retreat

San Diego

Great presentation and motivation! I was hoping to feel the same by Monday and I do. Good motivation sticks. I think your technique is very effective.
I had already arrived at the same logical conclusions but a solid premise is elusive. Delusional thinking is a deep pool. Just wanted to say thank you.  



Dr. Marissa helped me recognize my 'overachiever's' tendency to run myself ragged. I'm walking away from the class with more self love and acceptance. Dr. Marissa's energy is infectious. She has a gift that I feel genuinely grateful to have experienced. The lessons I learned in this class have changed my life. I am forever grateful.  

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