Before we go "Go back to Normal" after the Pandemic, is it possible to create a new Normal for ourselves and our planet where we don't hate our jobs our relationships or ourselves quite as much as we did #bc19 the time before Covid-19? Dr. Marissa aka Asian Oprah asks a series of What-if suppositions that make us think and dream of a world that might work better than the one we just had a 1 year respite from. PPP Post Pandemic Possibilities is a short inspirational film filled with dreams of a better Life with a capital L. Let your heart and mind imagine and reconnect with what is possible again. Because IMPOSSIBLE is really I'm Possible! 


The initial rushes include words like "excellently created, technically and emotionally...definitely held my attention" " the message, the music, the videography!" "Love love love this! Going to pass it along. Grateful you thought of me and the (TV) station" 


After 180 hours and 4 months since I woke up with the initial idea, the words definitely inspired by the prose that Amanda Gorman sparked everyone's imagination with, this labor of love was birthed! 


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The New PPP: Post Pandemic Possibilities

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