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8 Ways to Happiness 501c
Giving Back

#Happy88 Mission Possible
Helping Kids, Teens and Young Adults who have temporarily forgotten their birthright to Happiness...Choosing Happiness even in the middle of a Pandemic



Dr. Marissa's Happy88 Mission helping 88 million people be happy 88% of the time in the next 8 years helps you strengthen your resolve to be Human-KIND and boost your immune system by practicing #selfcare and healthy coping skills...ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT NOW during the pandemic!  So my Happy88 products are both helping you and the kids!

BTW Why Happy88? Well it is not possible to be happy 100% of the time or we would be DEAD! We need the contrast to be able to know what happiness the goal is to be happy 88% of the time!! And 8 is a lucky number in Chinese...a homophone for Good Fortune!!

The 8 Ways to Happiness Not-for-Profit was born out of the pandemic...because I finally had the time to set it up!

My #Happy88 Mission

To help kids teens and young adults choose happiness when they are temporarily forgotten their birthright to happiness. 


Hundreds of books have been donated to help kids find balance as they discover that they are not the critical voice in their head.


By giving away free copies of the bestselling book 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are, Choose Happiness programs taught by Dr. Marissa, and Mommy What are Feelings? Children's' books away, readers and listeners will have access to coaching that reminds them that they are loving lovable and loved, exactly as they are. 

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Another way to Donate is to Purchase this Chinese Yoga DVD or Download!

Dr. Marissa is the Creator of PowerChi, formerly known as Balance Tai Qiqong, a moving meditation that promotes Inner Peace one breath at a time, and has offered free daily classes during the early months of the pandemic  that have anchored the message of #shuttheworryup !!  If you have trouble sitting in still mediation then this practice is for you! The forms are all explained in the video for this 28 minute exercise for your body heart soul and mind. The only rule is no critical learn how to calm the busy chatter in your mind!


Dr. Marissa encourages her audience to use this pandemic time to clean out their physical clutter AND the emotional and mental clutter that keeps us from choosing happiness in our lives, both BC19 (Before Covid-19) and in the ‘Present’ aka the ‘Gift’ of Life!! Because a crisis is a terrible thing to waste! This is the time for EXPANSION not Self-Distancing!!

Yoga at Home

Warning: Side effects may include more smiling, more compliments and less grumpiness so join with caution.

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An Interactive Children's Book
"Mommy What Are Feelings?"

Are you tired of hearing "Mom, I'm Bored!" Well Dr. Marissa, Celebrity Host/Bestselling Author is here to the rescue!  She will take your kids on a journey to the vibrant color, beautiful sound tantalizing touch & delicious taste of FEELINGS!


I wrote this book about feelings when my darling daughters were 3 and 5, because as I child I was not allowed to feel...I also wanted to capture their cute drawings! 


I made 5000 laminated books and was blessed to sell out in less than 3 years. I had parents telling me that it was their child's favorite book, and that EVERY DAY, it would be the chosen one to read out loud, and during the day, draw the vibrant color, beautiful sound, tantalizing touch and delicious taste of feelings. The book was even recognized by the Autism community as an important tool to help kids express their feelings.


The plan was to find a publisher to take over, but the myriad of other creative projects took over. Then the "Mother" book came out and went #1. In fact, one of the "To Do's" that I was planning on while on tour with 8 Ways to Happiness in China this year was to find a printer to deliver the 2nd printing. But, Covid took over and my Happy88 Mission International Tour was "grounded" literally!


Then a few weeks ago, one of my past guests turned friend and I were talking about what next, and she said, "I am feeling something to do with kids." I thought about the book and said to myself "NO" have to focus on the other book and the show and find a way to stay on track with the motivational speaking tour. Well that industry has not risen from the ashes, and that still small voice said "It's Time."


Because right now there is such a need for ways to support the healing for all of our mental health. Every day I get calls to enlist my help with the unplanned unexpected uncontrollable unsettling uncertain times right now. Alarming rise in suicide, depression, overdose speak to the opportunity for all of us to RISE and help each other get through this fluxed up time!


So instead of just launching the book on it's own, I thought I would use it to also win win and raise funds for my new non-profit 8 Ways to Happiness 501c that helps teens and young adults with free books and programs to help them remember their birthright to be 88% happy...even now.

So if you are a parent that wants to help your kids express the happy and sad feeings during this pandemic, get the e-book download and feel good about donating at the same time!!

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Shop & Donate!

If you shop on Amazon, you can HELP Donate with Smile Amazon!! Just click the Smile and use this link whenever you shop and Amazon will give 8 Ways to Happiness a .05% gift!! It's a Win-Win...and your prices are not increased! Click on pic for direct link!

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