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#takeabreath and #shuttheworryup with #drmarissa

Mission Possible: Peace at Home

during CV19 Stay at Home Crisis

Choosing Happiness

Dr. Marissa is the Creator of PowerChi, formerly known as Balance Tai Qiqong, a moving meditation that promotes Inner Peace one breath at a time, and has offered free daily classes that have anchored the message of #shuttheworryup !! Dr. Marissa encourages her audience to use this time to clean out their physical clutter AND the emotional and mental clutter that keeps us from choosing happiness in our lives, both BC19 (Before Covid-19) and in the ‘Present’ aka the ‘Gift’ of Life!! Because a crisis is a terrible thing to waste! This is the time for EXPANSION not Self-Distancing!!


While it is difficult to stay positive during this time when all the news is bad news, Dr. Marissa aka the ‘Asian Oprah’ has been #positivelyopinionated on various media platforms with her message of hope and happiness from her #1 bestseller, “8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are”. 


The 8 Ways to Happiness Not-for-Profit was born out of this difficult time. While many have been displaced and let go of their former employment the #covidsilversling is an opportunity to really ask ourselves some important life questions:


Do I really want to go back to "normal" when I really didn't even like my job in the first place!


What really makes me happy?


Is there an opportunity to come out of this happier with myself and with others?


I have a friend, who has, not an answering machine but a Questioning Machine and when you call her it says "WHO ARE YOU?!! and What do you want??!!


I believe that this is a time to Pause, to turn the pause symbol on an angle to #takeabreath and ask ourselves those questions. It's TIME to delete any stale cookies in our life browser and reboot our lives. 


During this time of understandable fear and anxiety, there IS an alternative to ducking under the covers or running around with your hair on fire! 


#takeabreath and #shuttheworryup is a movement designed to strengthen our resolve to be Human-KIND and boost our immune system by practicing #selfcare and healthy coping skills.

Warning: Side effects may include more smiling, more compliments and less grumpiness so join with caution.

Loving Yourself Peace Within

#peaceathome starts with you

The foundation course for the movement is Peace at Home: Loving Yourself with Peace of Mind and Peace Within, which fosters the #blissipline to find the Love you’ve always been looking for (even BC19) outside of yourself….and look WithIN not without.


8 Week Online Course with Dr. Marissa $800 

Free Orientation Q/A every Monday Morning at Noon PST on Zoom

What Next?!

This course is for those who are wondering if this is the sign from a Friendly Universe not to go back doing the thing that they really didn't enjoy for their livelihood, but updating themselves and asking the Questioning Machine question, WHO AM I AND WHAT DO I WANT? 

8 Week Online Course with Dr. Marissa $1800 includes private intensives

Free Orientation QA every Monday Noon PST on Zoom

Daily free LIVE #takeabreath and #shuttheworryup gatherings happen on Dr. Marissa FB Fan Page and then sign up to attend the weekly Zoom QA Orientation Meetings at 11am every Monday morning.  Private Programs are designed for those who are interested in Happier Relationships, Peaceful Parenting to becoming an Author Writer Public Speaker and even Stand-up Comedian...the choices are limitless in your expansion.

"Luv this and your humor!! i needed this today! LOL Thank so much Dr. Marissa! SO many people benefit from this! 😄🌈🙏”

- Nana Kate’s Lighthouse Nova Scotia



“Thank you Dr. Marissa for teaching me how to polish the Table of my Life with Powerchi. This exercise really helps me move my body and my mind to a more positive and less anxious place. I love how approachable and down-to-earth you are. Keep being a Light in the Darkness!"

- Eva from Kentucky

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