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Strategic Planning, Teamwork, Valuing Diversity, Change Management and Interpersonal Effectiveness

Are you in a leadership position at your company and wondering…

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  • How can I improve communication and understanding between individuals, units, divisions, levels so costly conflict is minimized?

  • How can I encourage creativity and commitment when it seems like people don’t care anymore?

  • How can we move beyond getting more done with less?

  • How can I improve bottom line results when budgets are shrinking and morale is at an all time low?

  • How can I create a culture of respect and fun at the same time?

  • How can we address valuing diversity and stop sexual harassment and other kinds of harassment in a meaningful way without shutting people down?

  • How can I help balance personal and professional goals?

  • How can we bridge the gap between generational differences in attitude and communication?

  • How can we up the Trust Factor when employees don’t feel valued?

  • How can we JUST Get Along?!

8 Month Program  |  $44,000 Investment

8 Week Program  |  $8,000 Investment


Systems Approach Executive Coaching:

Dr. Marissa works with the individual and the group ensuring that changes occur systemically. 360 evaluations, teamwork, individual and organizational effectiveness goals are systemically co-designed and implemented.

Individual Executive Coaching:

For individuals and organizations who want to invest in their leaders' interpersonal effectiveness, Dr. Marissa coaches C-Level to Managers on-site or remotely on a weekly basis, to enhance communication, strategic thinking and emotional intelligence.

Dr. Marissa uses her Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology to help individuals, groups and organizations deal with natural and yet sometimes aggravating human tendencies like power, politics, miscommunication and conflict—so that they help and not hurt the company. Her 25+ years of Organization Development and Effectiveness facilitation experience with a myriad of Fortune 500 companies on both coasts of the US and in Western Europe include strategic planning, change management, executive coaching, leadership effectiveness, quality and continuous improvement via Learning Organization principles, cross-functional and self-directed teamwork, information technology implementation, valuing diversity, sexual harassment, recognition and motivation, clear motivating communication and conflict management.

Her satisfied client list includes companies like Master Card, Johnson & Johnson, Mattel, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Bank of America, Loyola Marymount, Claremont College, Neutrogena, AT&T, UPS, Wells Fargo, Toyota, Allianz, Fluor Corporation, Panasonic, Los Angeles County, Exxon Chemical, Allied Signal, Unocal, Orange County Transportation Authority, Deloitte Touche, Hoag Medical Group, Google, Amgen Pharmaceutical and the American Heart Association to name a few.

Dr. Marissa is one of the first Diversity consultants who helped Mattel, County of Los Angeles and First Interstate Bank design and implement organization-wide initiatives to educate on the benefits of valuing diversity and the consequences of sexual/general harassment.


Inc. Magazine interview with Dr. Marissa about  Perfectionism...

1 of the 2 biggest barriers to leadership success


Forbes Magazine interview with Dr. Marissa about PR Strategies For A One-Person Company

Want More Joy and Less Stress at Work?

Take a listen to Dr. Marissa's interview on NBC Seattle Morning News show talking about human dynamics at work.  If you'd like to explore  solutions to employee apathy at your workplace, use the scheduling link below.

Dr. Marissa can co-design & facilitate workshops, programs, & retreats along any of the following themes** 


You are NOT the Boss of Me! How to manage unmanageable people?


Organization…Celebrating Successes and Learning from

the Past

Communication, Conflict & Commitment 

The 3 C’s of More Joy and Less Stress at Work

Work/Life Balance: Jump Off that Hamster Wheel into Balanced Living

Strategic Planning

and Goal Setting

Teamwork: Why Can’t We JUST Get Along?

Effective Leadership…Not an Oxymoron

Board Development

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