Dr. Marissa Pei has been on some of the largest stages including the largest venues in the world including Carnegie Hall and internationally across Africa, India, China, and Brazil for the most success organizations in the world.  Including:


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Don't Worry, Choose Happy

With the tragic passing of Kate Spade and Anthony Bordain, as well as the disturbing rise in teen suicides and the 1 in 4 Americans who are on antidepressants/anti-anxiety medication with dangerous side-effects (suicidal thoughts), it's time to talk about how to get back to Happiness. Dr. Marissa  draws concepts and tools from her new #1 bestselling and award-winning book 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are, audiences are uplifted by this real, motivational, inspirational, powerful and memorable talk!

Jump Off that Hamster Wheel

into Balanced Living 

Work/Life Balance and Interpersonal Effectiveness;

Hope and Happiness


This talk directs the audience to take reality, take responsiblity, and take-up purposeful living which addresses the reality of overload, and the individual's power to choose differently.

Taking the HANG out of C-HANG-E Management 

Organizational and Leadership Effectiveness


Many organizations have lost it's human resources to apathy and burnout and are having a difficult time motivating the masses to do more with less. It's possible to rekindle the fire by rediscovering the meaningfulness of work, and create systems that help individuals validate themselves thereby minimizing power politics miscommunication and conflict which are natural human dynamics at work, but only when there are humans at work!

I’m Okay You’re Not Okay 

Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness/

More Joy Less Stress at Work and at Home


How an organization has lost it's human resources to apathy and burnout, and motivating the masses without money...but rekindling the fire with rediscovering the meaningfulness of work, and systems that encourage self validation.

Why Can’t We JUST GET ALONG??!!” 

Teamwork, Valuing Diversity, Workplace Harassment, Organizational Effectiveness, Communication and Conflict Management; Hope and Happiness


Can cover:

  • Natural tendencies that come with being human that automatically connect and repulse

  • Moving from conflict to cooperation 

  • Balance Tools to defuse each other’s hot buttons

Calling the BS (Belief Systems) that

Help and Hurt the Entrepreneur

Leader/Entrepreneur/Manager/Boss/Organization/Company” (Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness and Change Management” This talk addresses the mental models that get in the way of success.

Why can’t I be Perfekt?!”

The Dis-Ease of Perfectionism 


for Leader, People, Students, Organizations (Interpersonal and Organizational Effectiveness; Hope and Happiness) This talk focuses on perfectionism and high achiever's dis-ease in life which can lead to unnecessary burn-out in the workplace.

Have a Guy day! 

This talk is perfect for women's groups and addresses the overly critical way women see themselves. Women often think they are fatter, less attractive and not as smart as they actually are.  Some Men, on the other hand, think they are smarter, more good looking and have more hair than they actually do!” 


Who are you and What do you Want?!

This interactive talk allows participants to take the time to reconnect with themselves and renew. Perfect for New Year presentations and women's organizations. 

Everyone has a unique gift talent ability; dreams hopes wishes and aspirations...and as human beings we are born with an innate desire to fulfill these.  Unfortunately sometimes society, family, circumstances can extinguish that desire and keep us from cashing in our birthright to Joy and Fulfillment.  You are born according to the gospel according to Cinderella and do everything you are supposed to do and still there is no happily ever after.  What happened?  This session reconnects you with the loving loved and lovable being you are, and reminds us that we are all wrapped in a warm blanket of worthiness with a foundation of answering the questions, "who am I and what do I want?"  Mid-Life Opportunity Experiential exercises delineating the difference between relational and core definitions of who we are provide clarity and renewal and a chance to see ourselves as we truly are using Balance Coaching with Dr. Marissa.

Being the Best that You Can Be...

and Broadcasting it!

This hands-on interactive talk is ideal for groups who are looking for help with starting new businesses, or re-energizing old ones.

So you know what you want to do and you know what you're good at and you have a product...NOW WHAT?! It doesn't matter how good your product, book, service is...if you can't tell the world in a way that captures interest, you will be dead in the water...and on land!  This session will help you translate your unique skill talent and ability into a 30 second commercial that you can play at every station in your life story.  Dr. Marissa, 2016 Top 10 Podcast of the Year Award winner, 2014 Lotus Business Person of the Year Award, 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Host of the CNBC News Radio show "Take My Advice, I'm Not Using It: Get Balanced with Dr. Marissa" will give you hands-on real time branding help you can take home and implement.