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Post Pandemic Possibilities.


Before we go "Go back to Normal" after the Pandemic, is it possible to create a new Normal for ourselves and our planet where we don't hate ours jobs, our relationships or ourselves quite as much as we did #bc19 the time before Covid-19? Yours truly Dr. Marissa aka Asian Oprah asks a series of What-if suppositions that make us think and dream of a world that might work better than the one we just had a 1 year respite from. PPP Post Pandemic Possibilities lets us dream of a better Life with a capital L. The visual prose draws you in to let your heart and mind imagine and reconnect with what is possible again. Because IMPOSSIBLE is really I'm Possible!

Square Stage

One of the #covidsilverlining I experienced  is time to make my first short film!


Inspired by the poetic words of Amanda Gorman at the Biden inauguration, hopeful words were matched to inspiring clips to create Dr. Marissa's handiwork called The New PPP: Post Pandemic Possibilities.


And has been presented it's first Laurel in the Film Festival circuit!

Click the poster to go to the Film on my Youtube Channel!


Tropical Leaves

There is also a Discussion Guide that Dr. Marissa uses after showing the film so that students and adults in the audience can discuss all of the "What If" ideas that are presented.

Could we change an education system that may not be working and contributing to people choosing careers blindly and eventually hating.

Is there a way to teach self-esteem when it is not taught or nurtured at home?

If you would like to invite Dr. Marissa to facilitate and share this film at your organization, fill out the Contact form or book time for a chat at SCHEDULING LINK

“ Dr. Marissa's short film PPP: Post Pandemic Possibilities is like a Vitamin B-12 shot for more Hope and Happiness! ”


-Seth Greenleaf, Film Director

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