Are you ready to invest in your own Happiness?

Hi I'm Dr. Marissa, you know me as the Asian Oprah, and I am here to help you claim your birthright to happiness! My #1 bestseller 8 ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are is now accompanied by a coaching!

I know from experience...when you grow up being told you are fat ugly and clumsy, you believe it and that BS Belief System picks up speed when your wasband tells his friends you are obese and then cheats on you...and all the while, the voice in your head says that it's true, you are good for nothing, a piece of shitake, worthless and no matter how much you achieve, you willl never be enough. BUT I am here to tell you that that is BS!! I wrote 8 Ways to Happiness as a map to claim their birthright to happiness!! Because statistics show that 7 out of 10 of us have had childhood trauma, because our parents were raised by their imperfect parents and so on and so on...but the BUCK STOPS RIGHT OVER...HERE! With ME and YOU!! Actually Oprah, my honorable moniker says it's 8 out of 10 and some psychologists today say it's as high as 90%...either way WE ARE THE MAJORITY!! SO why do we, the majority, think there is something wrong with us?! That we are damaged goods, or we will never catch up and be successful?! More Bull-Shitake!! So it's TIME!!

My 8 Ways to Happiness Program/Process is for anyone and everyone who is carrying their pain from their past into their present and future and is tired of being unhappy most of the time. I know your pain, and I know that PAIN in life is mandatory...but SUFFERING is OPTIONAL. So if you are ready to stop making excuses and start making juice from this thing called LIFE let's catch the Gospel according to NIKE...JUST DO IT!!

So if you want to work with me in either the 8 week or 8 month program, or do it yourself in 8 days click below. Because life is too short to say "I'll be happy when...this pandemic is over!"

So are you Ready to Choose Happiness?!

The 8 Modules correspond to the Chapters in the #1 Bestselling book 8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are:

📖 Chapter 1. Out of Loneliness...into Hope
📖 Chapter 2. Out of Loss...into Faith
📖 Chapter 3. Out of Heartbreak...into Love
📖 Chapter 4. Out of Hatred...into Forgiveness
📖 Chapter 5. Out of Shame...into Dignity
📖 Chapter 6. Out of Fear...into Freedom
📖 Chapter 7. Out of Perfectionism...into Joy
📖 Chapter 8. Out of Control...into Happiness

3 Ways to Get Happy with Dr. Marissa your Personal Happiness Coach!


Get Happy

Get the Book and Companion Tapes together or by the month



SUBSCRIPTION      $28/month

Get Happy Membership Level 1 includes access to the audiobook copy of #1 Bestseller "8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are" along with 8 Chapter Videos that help you dive deeper with author and narrator Dr. Marissa. $280 value.


For each chapter in the webinar style video. Dr. Marissa holds your hand as you identify your past pain and move to present peace. The first chapter, Out of Loneliness into Hope is a webinar capture with a small group of real folks who move through the exercises together with Dr. Marissa so you can work/play along.


You will also have access to the download copies of her Children's Book "Mommy What are Feelings?" and the Chinese Yoga download "Balance Tai Qi Qong" both valued at $20 each.


$280 BUY all Chapter Videos at one time in the Shop


Get Happier Together

Small Group Journey through the 8 Ways to Happiness

from Wherever You Are

SUBSCRIPTION         $98/mo


Get Happier Together Membership Level 2 includes all of the access from Get Happy Level 1 PLUS a once a month small guroup coaching session on Zoom that you can access even if you are not able to attend.


This level of work with Dr. Marissa in a more intimate setting allows the group to support the individual self-care work with a group of fellow travelers.


Every month we cover a chapter from the bestselling book "8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are"

Month /Chapter 1: Out of Loneliness into Hope

Month/Chapter 2: Out of Loss into Faith

Month/Chapter 3. Out of Heartbreak into Love

Month/Chapter 4. Out of Hatred into Forgiveness

Month/Chapter 5. Out of Shame into Dignity

Month/Chapter 6. Out of Fear into Freedom

Month/Chapter 7. Out of Perfectionism into Joy

Month/Chapter 8. Out of Control into Happiness.


Once you are booked. You will be sent course materials and other links via email to access the videos that are released in the month order.


Get Happiest 1 on 1 with

Dr. Marissa

Everything that is in the Get Happy and Get Happier Together plus Privates

SUBSCRIPTION         $188/mo

Get Happiest Membership Level 3 includes all of the access to books and videos from Get Happy Level 1 and Get Happier Together Level 2 small group coaching session PLUS a once a month private coaching session scheduled at your convenience with Dr. Marissa one on one on Zoom or in person in SoCal

Cotton Flowers



Every last Friday of the month from 7-8pm PT I have an online forum to meet me and ask questions about how you can uplevel your happiness! All attendees get a free copy of my bestseller 8 Ways to Happiness Audiobook so sign up TODAY!



Nana's Lighthouse
Nova Scotia Canada

"Luv this and your humor!! i needed this today! LOL Thank so much Dr. Marissa! SO many people benefit from this! 😄🌈🙏”


Dr. Marissa helped me recognize my 'overachiever's' tendency to run myself ragged. I'm walking away from the class with more self love and acceptance. Dr. Marissa's energy is infectious. She has a gift that I feel genuinely grateful to have experienced. The lessons I learned in this class have changed my life. I am forever grateful

Eva from Kentucky

Thank you Dr. Marissa for teaching me how to polish the Table of my Life with Powerchi. This exercise really helps me move my body and my mind to a more positive and less anxious place. I love how approachable and down-to-earth you are. Keep being a Light in the Darkness!"

- Eva from Kentucky

How can I quit being so hard on myself?
How can I have better relationships?         How can I stop feeling so lonely?
How can I stop living in the past?                  How can I stop feeling ashamed about my past?
How can I get over losing my mom/dad/friend/child?
How can I stop being a control freak?            How can I get over being abandoned?
How can I move past the betrayal?
How can I stop being so angry at my mother/father/kids/partner/ex?
How can I get over my hatred from past abuse?           How can I be happy 88% of the time?
How can I have a better marriage?     How can I be a better parent?
How can I balance out all of my duties as a daughter/son; mother/father; boss/employee; friend/family?
How can I find more time for myself?       How can I have more fun in life?
How can I write my own book?          How can I create my own podcast?
How can I become a successful entrepreneur? 
How can I do what I love and love what I do?