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Get Happiest with Dr. Marissa is a personal private one-on one coaching session with Dr. Marissa, where she holds a flashlight and your hand to find the beauty and one of a kind wonderful that is you.

Depending on the level of past pain and deeply rooted habits, the Happiness Healing Process can range from as little as 4 sessions to feel the relief...because pain in life is mandatory and suffering is optional to 8 months...but you do not need to spend 10 years in therapy rehashing and keeping past pain alive.  If you are one of the 7 of us who experienced past pain, you are NEVER responsible for what happened to you as a child...but you ARE RESPONSIBLE for NOT DRAGGING that painful past into your PRESENT and projecting it onto your FUTURE.  IT'S TIME to claim your birthright to be HAPPY 88% of the Time!!  


Private coaching sessions are scheduled at your convenience with Dr. Marissa one on Zoom or in person in SoCal. 


$350 per full hour session that is discounted here for the first introductory session.  


Happiness Coaching Session with Dr. Marissa

$350.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price
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