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8 Session Balanced Career Coaching with Dr. Marissa

#1 Questioning Machine...Who am I and What do I Want?

#2 3 Circles...What's my passion, what am I good at, and what will make money?

#3 Asking my Google Assistant where is the intersection

#4 What BS am I still holding that keeps me from Success

#5 Exploration and Innovation

#6 Getting from Here to There

#7 Planning AHead and AHeart

#8 Balance Tools to keep me on the right track


  • If you PIF $2800 then you get 1 session bonus afterwards for follow-up and scheduling at your leisure.
  • Each session is an hour long and requires a 72 hour notice for changes.
  • Can be in person or online.
  • This does not have to be an 8 week program...there is homework after every session so you can make it every other week or more if that fits better into your schedule. 
  • If you'd like to try one session first, purchase the intro session that is on sale for $180 first on the Balanced Marketplace Product List and we will design a catered program afterwards.

Balanced Career Coaching with Dr. Marissa

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