Are you having a heck of a time staying patient with your kids?  Are you afraid to talk to them about everything that is going on in this fluxed up time?  Do you want your kids to grow up in a safe setting where they can talk about their feelings without getting stuck on red hot or the blues?


Dr. Marissa's Children's Book called "Mommy What Are Feelings?" which is illustrated by her 2 daughters when they were 5 and 7, almost 2 decades ago! 


Every feeling has a taste touch sight and sound, so that the kids can picture feelings with every sense and hone their imagination at the same time. Parents might even LOL at some of the humor that lies in some of the prose about Dr. Marissa's cooking.

This one-of-a-kind interactive book has been recognized by the Autism community as a valuable resource for parents who want their kids to be able to explore feelings in a safe and nurturing environment. This book is especially useful for parents who were raised by parents who told them NOT to express their feelings, so there is no model to follow. 


Every E-Book purchase comes with access to Sunday Storytime Events once a month, and Dr. Marissa, who loves kids as much as puppies, will be talking your child on a tour of their feelings, and the vocabulary that your kids will learn will extend past story fact parents tell me that this is their childs' favorite book, and warning, may become a constant source of "Can we read Mommy What are Feelings? AGAIN?!"  Our first event had precious children aged 10 months to 8 years Zoom in from Calgary, Vancouver, Texas, Indianna and Toronto!!

The next FREE storytime EVENT is Sunday Nov 22 at 10am and parents can participate if they would like or take a well needed break.

$24.99 will cover the cost of story hour and your own Ebook copy of Mommy, What are Feelings that can be printed over and over for your child to draw along with!


Zoom links will be sent as soon as payment is processed.


Proceeds go to my non-profit 8 Ways to Happiness 501c that donates books and programs to teens and young adults who have temporarily lost their way to their birthright of happiness, 88% of the time!

Interactive Children's Book "Mommy What are Feelings?

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